“Hi, I’m Trevor, the Creative Director at the Location Cubed Group. With the collective efforts of my team, I’ll help make you a leader in your industry.

Together, we focus on your business or service’s Branding & Identity, Digital Strategy, and take you through the Design & Development process for improving your bottom-line.”

Location Cubed Group is a team of creative minds that act as Curators For Your Digital World. Today, everything is digital. Your clients and prospects can literally hold you and your business in the palms of their hands. The manner in which you present yourself in this new world of commerce is, in essence, your Digital Strategy – your cohesive EcoSystem that leads to an improved bottom line.

here’s the question:

When someone hears about your business or service, what’s the first thing they’re likely to do? They’ll Google you of course! So, what will they find? Will they find nothing? Will they find your competition? If they’ve been referred by someone then will what they find live up to their expectations?

This is the BIG question you must have an answer for. Remember, your clients meet you before you meet them. First impressions shape the way your clients will feel about you.

Let me say that again… YOUR CLIENTS MEET YOU BEFORE YOU MEET THEM. Think about that for a moment.

It’s time to think through the eyes of your clients.

“Thanks so much for breathing new life into my company. Since working with you, I’ve grown my portfolio into the tens of millions of dollars and am now poised to be the largest, most recognized brands in my region.”

Scott Medina

Owner/Broker – Go Punta Cana Real Estate

here’s the answer:

When your potential clients and prospects research you (which they will most definitely be doing) you want them to trust your expertise and your authority. In a nutshell, this can be achieved by creating, implementing, and utilising the proper Digital Strategy.

We take you by the hand and help you create and implement a cohesive branding structure that is easily recognisable by your clients and prospects. By creating harmony and repetition in the digital world, you’re on your way to becoming a well-known brand and a leader in your industry.

“My dependency on eBay was so high that I would cringe at the thought of losing control of my eStore.

I’m so glad you were able to give me the freedom and independence I so desperately needed by helping me brand myself as the leader in refurbished appliances.

My network of websites and my new brand has been the envy of my competition. Cheers!”

Alistair Willis

UK Offers Direct

“It’s hard to believe that in such a short period of time I was able to take my tour company to a level that sets itself apart from the local competition. From my new logo that “sells” apparel, to my digital presence that excites existing and potential clients – it’s no wonder I’m number one on TripAdvisor and the “company of choice” for travelers and tourists in Punta Cana.”

Lise Menard

PADI Certified Scuba Instructor – El Tour Caribe

Diana Sanchez Final“If not for you and your company’s efforts, we likely would have taken quite a long time in selling out our luxury condos. Working with Location Cubed is like “money in the bank” – we’ll come back to you over and over for each and every one of our future real estate projects.

Diana Sanchez

Owner/Developer – Costa Hermosa & Rosa Hermosa Beach Condos

Bucharest Expat has become a major player in the hospitality/travel industry for Romania and its’ capital city. We’re very well positioned now in the marketplace all thanks to Location Cubed Group. Thank you again for all the years of hard work.”

Andy Symmonds

Team Member – Bucharest Expat