Welcome To How Your Clients And Prospects View YOU…

“We take you by the hand and help you create and implement a cohesive branding structure that is easily recognisable by your clients and prospects. By creating harmony and repetition in the digital world, you’re on your way to becoming a well-known brand.”

Imagine that someone, anyone, hears about your business. For the moment, it’s not important how they hear about you, but that they HAVE heard about you AND that they are now interested enough to begin the first step – research.

Now, put yourself in their shoes; what is it you’d do next? First, you’d punch the name of their business or service (or even their personal name) into the search engine to see what pops up.

Hopefully, you’ve now found what your looking for near the top of the front page of your search. Typically, you wouldn’t really continue beyond the second page of Google unless you’re really bored right? Assuming you’ve located ONE OR MORE of their websites, you’ll take a moment to open it to make a quick mental note of it’s appearance and initial “message”. Does it stand out? Does it capture your attention? You’ll certainly be the judge of that, won’t you?

You’re now well on your way to forming your first impression.

Remember what we said earlier about your clients and prospect meeting you before you meet them? Well, this is a perfect example of what that really means.

Presumably, the next thing that you’ll do is to take note of the other listings in the search engines. You’ll be scanning for additional information about this business or service. Any additional websites this company may have? Any accolades and accomplishments mentioned? Do they have other third-party companies and references speaking on behalf of this company? and here’s the biggie… what does the competition look like??

What you’re doing is the most common form of modern-day due-diligence. Your clients will do the same.