“Hi, I’m Irina, the Team Manager at The Location Cubed Group. Our strategists work with you to create and implement a plan of action that will take your business or service to the next level. We understand that each and every business is unique, so our time is dedicated to understanding the individual needs and desires of each and every client.

We Help Make You An Authority In Your Niche – In Your Market Area.”

“We Help You Stand Out.

Here’s a quick look at how our process typically works...

We usually make first contact with our clients via email, and together we form a working understanding of who we are and what the clients needs are for both the short and long term. This helps us to understand where our goals and milestones must be. We’ll put together a basic outline that will assist in our next step…

Our introductory email is then followed by a Skype conference call. We’ll follow the outline as set forth and explore in depth where your company has been, where you’d like it to be in the near future, as well as the elements that currently exist in your business that will need to be addressed when we move on to the next step…

Once a client has signed on with us, we move on to our “Roadmap” stage. At this point in the process we take all of our cumulative knowledge and prepare a workable system. This is where we begin our Five Phases Of Development.

The following is a brief outline of the Phases – the mumbo jumbo may not mean much to you, but once you’ve signed on with us we’ll go over a welcome package with you that fully explains what we’re doing, what you can expect from us, and what we’ll need from you.

Phase 1 – Discovery

Project Analysis
Existing Website(s) Audit & Dissection
Team Member Research
Current Brand & Identity Analysis
Past Marketing Efforts & Results
Prior & Existing Customer Feedback
Who’s Responsible For What In The Company

Phase 2 – Designing The Future

Creating Brand & Identity Cohesion
Keyword & Target Market Research & Analysis
Implement Desired U.I.
Web Prototyping
Visual Design
“Authority Figure” Positioning
Third-Party Marketing & Support Material
Mixed-Media Development

Phase 3 – Implementation

Brand “Device” Finalisation
Content Creation
Website(s) Foundation & CMS Build-out
Systems Integrations
eCommerce & Stock Management as Needed
Beta Website(s) Layout
Cross-Browser Reviews
Cross-Device Compatibility
Heat Mapping

Phase 4 – Delivery & Launch

Domain – DNS Propagation/Migration
Live User Testing
Back Office Debriefing
Dashboard/Admin Training & Tutorials
Customer Feedback Analysis
Future Growth Outline

Phase 5 – Ongoing Development

The huge mistake that many businesses and services make is assuming that once your Digital Strategy has “launched”, the process of reaching your clients and prospects is now “hands off”. That’s simply NOT the case and in doing so you could inadvertently cost yourself a lot of capital by “re-hiring” professionals at a later date to become involved in your project.

First and foremost, it’s critical that you stay “in fashion” without being a slave to trends. By this, we mean that it’s important that your clients and prospect are always able to experience your company as being on the “cutting edge” of the industry. This is how you maintain your position as an authority figure in your marketplace as well as stay ahead of your competition. You’ll want to be sure that your websites and digital products are always up-to-date in a world that is rapidly evolving.

Second, as a part of the Digital Strategy may include a “network” of websites (increasing your digital footprint) – the need for “upgrades and updates” on a regular basis becomes exponentially multiplied.

You know what it’s like – to visit someones’ website and say to yourself “Wow, that site is nice but looks a bit out of date”.

Phase 5 ensures that you’re never in the position of being perceived as “out of date”. While our designs, platforms, and systems withstand the test of time, it’s nearly impossible to foresee the available options for improvement a year from now.

We give you exclusive access to our “Client Work Area” within the Location Cubed Studio website. Here, you’ll log in with your secure access code to view the progress of your project as it occurs. Our clients love the visibility they have into the ongoing development and implementation of their Digital Strategy.

“It’s really a relief to see you take the ball and run with it. With my hectic schedule, this streamlined process is absolutely priceless for us and our offices.”

Matt Brush

Tioga Dental & Orthodontics